The Design Process:

After your initial call to GRC Builders, an appointment is made at your home so that we may introduce you to our company. We feel it is important to meet at your home so that we may get a better feel of your existing space, your use of the space and your current and future needs. Many people also find it useful to collect ideas, pictures, articles, and sketches that appeal to them. This will assist us all in determining your tastes and preferences.

GRC Builders is a fully disciplined construction company. This includes, among other items, the ability to provide Soils Testing / Engineering, Structural Engineering, Design and Construction. This makes life simpler for you by keeping the responsibility of your project with one group rather than placing you in the middle between Engineers, Designers and your Builder. This process also helps to prevent cost overruns from occurring from decisions made while still in the design phase since we would be able to direct the design to better fit into your budget parameters. Other obvious benefits of having the team assembled up front is avoiding mistakes such as putting a well in the wrong place or ending up with a soils report you can't use.

However, we can also customize or provide pricing on existing plans that you may have already decided on.

On basement finishes we can usually provide you with a plan, specifications and an estimate within a couple weeks, but on larger Remodels and Custom Homes we will require additional time to review your concepts and existing home or property, after which we can provide you with a price range that we feel that your project should fall into. We typically do not provide a guaranteed price until all of the engineering, design and selections are fully complete. The next step would be to enter into our design agreement, after which we will ask specific questions designed to help you think your way through your project, isolating your needs and working them into your budget and drawings.

It is at one of these early meeting that we will begin to field measure the work area (if we are remodeling your existing home), and have the engineers perform the soils tests. We believe it is important in the Denver area to perform a soils test when doing any work that will impact the soil in any way. This will help determine the specific soils conditions that exist on your property and how we can best design the structure to fit these conditions and your existing home. On custom homes we will want to walk your property with you to determine possible locations of your house, driveway, utilities, septic and well (if required). We want to make sure early on that you have a buildable site and that locations of one of these items don't negatively impact the others.

During the design process we may also ask you to complete several "Homework assignments" which may include items such as selecting some of your products and finishes or may require your decisions regarding different design elements. Our clients can review some of the many products available to them on our product links page and we also have many showrooms with well-informed, helpful, creative people for you to work with.

Typically we will not start construction until all major decisions have been made and permits have been issued. When a project is started too early it is very likely that you will go over on your budget and your schedule. Adequate planning prior to the start of a project will greatly enhance your enjoyment and success of the whole process.

The length of time required for the design process will be largely up to you, your schedule, and by the size of the project, but average design times can range from just a couple weeks on a basement finish up to between 2 to 6 months for a larger addition and possibly longer for a custom home.

GRC Builders provides competitive pricing and due to our strict in house estimating guidelines we are able to provide you with fixed pricing. Which means our price is guaranteed ... no cost overruns during construction for you to worry about. Ask us for details that may apply on your project. Our system of pricing your project may include using several of our computer programs that take into account the character of your project, determining the actual quantity and quality of materials that will be used on your project using a quantity survey method of estimating and on most larger, complicated jobs we will have on site meetings with the craftsman to ensure that everyone fully understands the project and their responsibilities, as well as other several other pricing processes.

We do not price our projects using dollars per square foot. Determining a price using this technique in Remodeling and Custom Homes is guesstimating and is similar to going to a car dealer and asking how many dollars per pound you can buy a car for today. Design, engineering and pricing will be impacted by items such as: site conditions, easements, bulk planes, the products you select, your soils, shape of your home, Home Owner Association requirements. And in the case of remodeling additional items such as: existing house design and structure. These items will affect each project differently. This by itself is a good reason why it is important not to get quick bids or price per square foot proposals. The most a builder can hope for is that the bid will be higher that the costs or he may include the unknown items as "estimates or allowances" which you pay for as additional costs later. Neither of these is in your best interest. If a builder isn't able to provide enough time to do a complete estimate for you, you are better off without them.

You should also beware of bids that are lower than others as this could mean that you are dealing with an unlicensed or uninsured contractor or that something is missed in their proposal, it may include low grade materials or have insufficient allowance amounts. In any event it is likely that you will have quite a few change orders or other costs occurring during construction which will substantially increase your costs above the other bids and can substantially extend your completion date.

You need to remember that shoddy workmanship, low grade materials & inferior products will reduce the value of your home. While High Quality construction is the key to protecting & enhancing the value of your home. During this pricing period we will also be performing our Pre-Construction review in which we review the project thoroughly one more time, making revisions if necessary.

This Pricing & Pre-Construction Process can take approx two weeks on smaller jobs and up to 4 to 8 weeks for larger more complicated projects. This may seem like a long time but our clients are happy we do it since they know they received the best value for their dollar. By completing the GRC Pricing and Pre-Construction process we tend to solve all foreseeable problems before construction begins, eliminating cost overruns and construction delays, substantially reduce if not eliminate change orders you may have wanted later, and eliminate the rest of the "stories" that we all hear about.

At this point we will provide you with full set of detailed specifications, listing, as appropriate, the item description, manufacturer, model number, color all of the fixtures, faucets, flooring, appliances, cabinets, etc and a guaranteed fixed price. In other words you will know exactly what you are getting and exactly what it will cost. However you are always welcome to make changes.

Due to the Denver metro areas unique climate we are able to work year round, however, on remodeling projects, protecting your existing home and family from the elements is a primary concern of ours. The majority of our Remolding clients stay in their homes during the entire process. This of course will become more difficult as more of the existing house is worked on. On all of our projects job site safety is also a major concern, as is Job site cleanliness, as we believe a clean site provides a higher degree of quality and promotes job safety. There is a period of time between when our Construction agreement is signed and when construction can actually start. We are actually hard at work on your project obtaining permits, awaiting Home Owner Association approvals, ordering materials, & scheduling the craftsmen.

GRC Builders is licensed and insured, and so are the craftsmen we work with. We will provide all permits and inspections as required. Problems with unlicensed and uninsured contractors can result in unskilled work, having the building department "red tagging" your home, safety concerns with the structure of new and existing portions of your home, electrical wiring and so on, as well as the possibility of not being able to resell your home (some relocation companies will not purchase homes when non-permitted work has been done to them). Also your risk of financial loss and liability is greatly increased when you work with uninsured contractors.

We use an enhanced method CPM (critical path method) schedule. This scheduling technique allows us to determine an accurate duration of your project, coordinate deliveries, craftsmen and our efforts, allowing us to evaluate & adjust the schedule of your project so that it is completed in a timely and cost effective manner. It also allows us to keep you better informed of the scheduled work and the decisions that are required from you so that we can reduce the effect on your normal routine.

If necessary, we will typically delay a projects completion rather than sacrificing its quality to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, by the time someone calls asking us to design, build and have the project completed by some special day or holiday it is usually too late to accommodate them. We have learned that our clients tend to appreciate the quality we provide. It is likely that in a short time you will not even remember what day you moved in, but you will live with the quality every day. So we believe that it's important that the quality is there and that it shows for years to come. Even if it takes a little longer. We use the highest quality construction techniques and utilize a quality control program to ensure that the work is done right the first time. We also recognize that superior Custom and Remodeled Homes are highly dependent upon the skills and abilities of the craftsmen who work on them. That's why we work with only the finest Custom Craftsmen, many of whom we have worked with for 15 to 20 years. Each of them completing their own area of expertise, eliminating the many problems of the jack-of-all-trades and the unlicensed, uninsured workers.

GRC Builders also encourages "the toughest inspectors around" -YOU- to visit your project and with us often. We are always happy to answer any questions you have and work with you on any item of concern that may arise. Good communication between you and your Builder is an essential part to a successful project and your satisfaction.

The timing of the construction phase will vary depending on the project. Average construction times range from 8 to 16 weeks on basements to 3 to 5 + months for typical mid to large additions and 5 to 9+ months for Custom Homes.

It is important to us that you enjoy your Custom or Remodeled Home for many years to come. In that light GRC Builders provides you with a Walk through at the end of construction to ensure your satisfaction. Due to our design and pre-construction process, quality construction techniques and Quality Control Program we have far less warranty issues. But if something does arise, GRC Builders provides you with a complete 1-year warranty on all labor and materials.

Our clients can also visit our product care page to answer questions on how to properly care for some of your new products as well as helpful hints on how to properly maintain and protect your investment.